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With Comcast High Speed Internet, the Internet is always there. It's a constant connection. No dialing, no busy signals, no bottlenecks. Your web experience will go from frustrating to fantastic.

Connect to the Internet via cable and feel the rush of video, sound, graphics and tons of information at speeds up to 100 times faster than typical phone lines.

Whether you want to trade a stock, look up the weather, check a flight time or simply send an email - Comcast High Speed Internet has been designed to make it easier. You are surrounded with lavish multimedia created exclusively for a high-speed environment.

The Best Buy on the Internet

7 e-mail accounts
Constant connection
Unlimited use
Download huge files in mere seconds
Web pages appear in a flash
Inhome tech support
No long-term contracts

To find out more about Comcast High Speed Internet or to get a free demonstration, call (215) 248-4357. Chapline Computers will advise you on your needs.

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